LUNA is a pop singer-songwriter and performing artist from Los Angeles, CA. Like the phases of the moon, Luna’s infectious retro-pop style is always changing, flowing from dark and moody to bright and flirty with each song. Luna is heavily influenced by everything from the 80’s, 90’s and early 2000’s. Her sound incorporates elements of contemporary hip hop, indie rock and electronic music. She often writes about real life experiences and themes associated with love, loss, relationships and partying. Luna lists Lana Del Rey, Madonna, Stevie Nicks, Lady Gaga, Gwen Stefani, Selena, Rihanna, Cher and Amy Winehouse as her favorite artists.

“One day you might get a dark R&B sounding record out of me and then the next day you might get a party pop song full of girl power and attitude. It’s all about how I’m feeling so don’t get used to hearing just one sound from me.” – LUNA

As a child, Luna wrote poetry, short stories and lyrics that would manifest into songs by her teenage years. Though she always wanted to pursue music, Luna went to Long Island University in Brooklyn, New York on an athletic scholarship and played softball until an irreparable injury forced her to retire early.

“It was a blessing in disguise from the universe because it gave me the chance to finally do what I truly love.” – LUNA

Luna’s singing career began in 2016, as the lead singer of a house music project she started with her friend, DJ Firefly called, Moonswings. As Moonswings, Luna gained the opportunities she needed to establish a name for herself in the underground music scene as both a songwriter and performing artist. In 2017, she began pursuing her solo career and frequented the events hosted by Los Angeles music collective, Producers Social to network with music producers. She got her solo start that same year as a feature vocalist, writing and recording songs for the local producers she would meet at Producers Social. By 2018, Luna had become deeply invested in Producers Social and building a music community of underground artists and took on the role of Social Media & Brand Manager for the company. Soon after, she hired her management team, Lit.TV Media and solidified her name as an emerging pop artist. Luna’s career really skyrocketed after she met her Co-writer/Producer, Deadfriend in early 2019. The two collaborated on her debut single, Boyfriend 4 The Night, which landed Luna the opportunity to perform her first show as a solo artist at the world renowned, The Whisky A Go Go. After 5 months of writing and recording, Luna and Deadfriend completed her debut This Must Be Love EP- coming Winter 2019.